The Nest



Vase of Peonies



 A “nester” and homebody, I devote energy to creating an environment that is inviting and comfy.  Over the years, the old house loved children, celebrated family, entertained guests, and accumulated a lot of “stuff!” It became a tad tired. The 20+ years beige carpets had seen better days.  The kitchen cupboards had been painted and repainted for years, “Cloud White.” Benjamin Moore, said, “Enough!”  So began the transformation to click in chocolate-brown engineered hardwood throughout the main floor, add white baseboards, and trim. In slipped a Lidingo kitchen- Ikea and black quartz countertop …Oh my!  Take a look at the “before” and stay connected to see the “after” views. 

The basic floor plan was left in place, including the charming or not, so red brick fireplace, which I realize some “hate.” It might have been better to rip the brick out or drywall over it, couldn’t do that for sentimental reasons. The decision was made based on respect for bricklayers. The plan is to lightly white wash over the red brick and frame out a mantle.

I stretched the dollars, up cycled  and incorporated simple design. The colour scheme is white and black. Timeless and easy to accessorize. All cosmetic updates, for the most part …along with the inclusion of two skilled and talented carpenters.  

I’m “loving” the after!  There’s more to come… 

 A small 15″ counter top (the left over piece of quartz that was cut out to house the sink) and an Ikea Lidding pantry cupboard has been added as an after thought.  A tiny space is now home to a phone, desk items. This space provides a small, organizational station. 

The addition of three pantries is a game changer. Finally, there is storage for all of the boxes, cereal, rice, pasta, spices and more.  The linen closet, which previously held the aforementioned items, is now the proper home to a vacuum, broom, and mop.  

... knows how Dorothy can get home the whole time

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