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Cross legged on the grass, I watched, as he looked skyward, eyes raised toward heaven. His mind was transcending the here and now. Gone was the hill he’d yet to climb, faded were the saddest memories, their burden heavy, for one caught up in the prime of life. A weight had lifted off his shoulders, […]

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enchanted, excerpt from a scene, heart, words, writing

It takes patience to procure the perfect cup of coffee beginning with the French beans to the water’s roll. Next, is the slow pour over and finally, the decisive press. Take pleasure in the art. It’ s a ritual allowing time to be. Rain hits the pavement. Leaves dance in the wind. Somewhere, in the […]

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excerpt from a scene, mad men, writing

My presence was unexpected. I glanced at my watch. It was too early for him to be home. He stared as if confronting a ghost. “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” “I finished early.’ We stand frozen in position on concrete. Me, holding a textbook and purse. Him, a suitcase. I ask, “Going somewhere?” […]

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beautiful words, excerpt from a scene

The Letter

My Dear Isabella,      I have only time for a line. Oh, and to write- my French friends urge me to sail to New York, a bustling city where  the loveliest of ladies, lights up the dark.  Au revoir ma chère, Cilla ~ a letter to my sister Cilla x

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The Clean-Up Man

Roy fumbled with the coins in his pocket. A single incandescent bulb lit up each table- top. The heat in the room glowed and a smoky haze veiled the guests. He peered deeper into the shrouded depths of the room. Paper serviettes stacked the bar. Shot glasses lined up, topped to the max, the amber liquid […]

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