“Make me a cosseted pet.

Your mink moment from the Sally Ann.”

~ Annie


ancestry, brave, excerpt from a scene, good bye, heart, love

Stone By Stone

Grey. I was grey. Grey as the stones washed upon the shore, heavy with the history of us. Little stones washed over my feet like scattered pieces of an unspoken truth. As the sea sang in a whispered hush, I flung one stone. Then another. Stone by stone I cast you off. Except for one. […]

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sea stones
“Lifted from a salted shore. Slipped into a pocket. Softening hearts.”
Stones courtesy of: @sticksandstones Early Childhood Learning
handprinted hearts, letters, and numerals

“Leave me a moment, a kiss at the altar of the sea.

Find me a stone to remember.”

~ salt and sand, dialogue

garden, heart, words

The roses in my garden have toppled Birds seek shelter within the deepest branches of the forest Songless Everything beautiful bows to sudden summer rain

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Meet me beneath the cloudless moon On the path where the end begins Make time stand still Tell me again all the beautiful and the terrible Words carried by the wind Forgive me as I turn, hands shaking And cast off the dust of you Arsenic, lead, silver, and bone ~Reduced Draft

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“I am a woman but no angel. Angels don’t exist,” she said.

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