Say it

Our souls collided

and as we picked ourselves up off the ground

we knew

this was no accident

“Romancing The Rain”

charm, dream lyrics, enchanted, poetic prose, tiny stories, video


  He was my storm I was his shelter He, with dagger and compass I, with torn heart Stood stone still A bringer of darkness I was his light Shipwrecked and broken I picked his ruins Salvaged the grit and the glass He shivered from fever I lit the fire As he dreamed of ships […]

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fiction, free verse, heart, love, poetry, tiny stories, words, writing

Cygnus Aratus

Cygnus Aratus I stepped through the forest and stood at the edge of a pond The surface rippled forth to kiss my feet Unexpected, a flash of red A black swan glided, weightless upon opaque waters   Slowly it circled Majestic, proud, head held high Enchanted, I stood. As if illustrated on the pages of […]

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