Alice’s Charlotte Russe

Alice in Wonderland - If I had a World of my o...
Alice in Wonderland – If I had a World of my own… (Photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren)

Hello, DarlingsIt’s, Alice, shining down to deliver a weekly “delight” to your in box.  The view through Heaven’s soft as gossamer clouds is a glorious one!  Today’s weekly delight offers wisdom (from myself, Alice) and a lovely, French dessert recipe, dedicated to the young and the young at heart. First, an Alice Rule~ The young wife learns that it is impossible to live on Love, so I have chosen an economical yet lavish recipe to sustain life (and perhaps, Love). Charlotte was one of my husband Charles’ favourites ~(dessert, that is).

Charlotte Russe*

Alice’s Charlotte Russe

Soak two tablespoons of gelatin in a little cold water for fifteen minutes; dissolve with a cup of boiling water; add four tablespoons of powdered sugar; when cool strain slowly into a pint of rich cream which has been chilled and whipped to a stiff froth, stirring all the while the gelatin is being poured in.  Pat between layers and on the top of sponge cake, or turn into individual moulds. Line with lady fingers or sponge cake cut to fit the moulds.  Leave in a cold place until serving time.

Ta- dah! Enjoy and until next time, Cheerio my dears!