An aliceandmolly life: Design and Decorating

“Simple is beautiful. You only need one or two. Use china. Use Great Grandma’s silver. Drink good wine.”

vintage postcards, milk glass, marimekko, stones and succulents
A simple boot tray for The Littles rain soaked wellies. Find a rectangular shaped tray. This one is from IKEA. Fill the tray with river rocks. Place a painted heart stone in the centre.
Dry your little one’s boots in style.
Old brick, gilded frames, and art

Do it yourself. It’s worth it.

I have a round IKEA table, purchased years ago from the ‘As Is’ department. It’s looking worse for wear after a decade and many clinks of cutlery. The nicks and scratches distract. The table is more grunge than ‘shabby chic’ or ‘Scandi’ design.

What to do: donate, destruct, or paint? The table’s simple shape works for the small dining space. I’m trying to leave less of a footprint on the environment. The table I’d choose today is pricey and outside the budget.

Decision made. Paint it.

A gentle touch of fine grit sandpaper scuffs the surface. I brush on a light coat of BEHR ALKYD SEMI-GLOSS ENAMEL:BLANC.

There is hope. After a second coat of paint, the brush strokes begin to mix and blend. The chips and dents appear less visible.

Here is the ‘before’ and the look ‘after’ three coats of paint. The table needs another light sand and a final top coat.

She’s pretty.

I can’t wait to show off the finished look.

• Did you know? IKEA allows returns from the ‘As Is’ department. They want happy consumers.

The ‘before.’
The ‘after.’ A light sand and two coats of enamel paint. Stay tuned for the final reveal.
Five coats of paint. I rolled the last two coats to ensure a smooth finish. She’s pretty.

Little Things



~ Beautiful golden vinyl wall words created by my daughter
Golden, white, or black vinyl wall word created by my daughter. Apply to a wall or front door. To remove, use a hair dryer and heat the vinyl. Lift off.

A few favourite sites:

The Novogratz


Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic

Trays. Always simple, always useful.



DIY: ‘Subway Style’

~ subway canvas art ~ only beautiful words
~ subway canvas art
~ only beautiful words

Hazel and

Create your own Subway Style art work on canvas or wood.  I chose canvas for this project.  Select a quote or write your own.

This is a reasonably priced project.


• canvas

• Craft Paint (For this project I chose a white base with a slate coloured overlay.)

• Mod Podge- optional

Hazel and Ruby “large” letters- there are many options to choose- check out Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.


... knows how Dorothy can get home the whole time

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