Pretty Little Things

A lovely thought!
Richard Branson.
Rae Dunn
ring boxes
~ tattery velvets, faded posh, tarnished silver
When Jane bakes…
a little sugar on the plate
dove grey tulle skirt
little white house and co


~ le creuset
One is enough.
Pink bath salts, a silver ladle, simple bowl-
#westelm .
~washi tape and tea lights
~washi tape and tea lights



The magpie in me is attracted to “pretty little things.”  I come by it honestly, creatively, and frugally.  I blame my mother. She is a woman who sees beauty in the most unusual pieces, usually found items, which she recreates into something other-“

other than “trash.”

Found, Purchased, and Upcycled.

Here are a few of my pretty little things



Posy Court Vase~ Kate Spade
Posy Court Vase~ Kate Spade

• ‘Dah-lias’ from ‘Hop On’ Farm.


Pretty Little ThingsThe holidays are approaching!  Time to buy a rosemary tree to scent the room.  Divine!  The silver tray is from the Dollar Store; I chalk painted it and now this little dollar tray, looks like a millions bucks!

The “vintage” owl is a holiday ornament available at Target, the gold espresso cup and saucer are from Starbucks, and the linen bag with the sequined, golden heart is from Chapters.   

... little stockings, trimmed with "fur" to tuck treasure inside of; a toadstool fit for a Gnome Prince...
… little stockings, trimmed with “fur” to tuck treasure inside of; a toadstool fit for a Gnome Prince…  I noticed these little pretties in a bin along the Seasonal aisle.  Perhaps, a gift card tucked inside for a favourite friend or cousin?  A glass toadstool clip for a boy who likes to garden?  Boxwood.



Tinsel tree, bird's nest, a white feather, and a broken snow baby.
Tinsel tree, bird’s nest, a white feather, and a broken snow baby.
Stamp Your Ground

A nod to all things royal. Even if they’re not.

Crown Stencil

Sponge or Stipple Brush

Paint: Graphite

Soy Candles
Handmade with Love
Save your empty vessels (silver sugar bowls, tins, china tea cups, urn shapes, Mason jars,…), Shop Local Thrift. Gather friends. Mix and Pour.
• Wax Flakes: Michaels or Hobby Lobby
Kate Spade

Reuse and repurpose. This simple graphic ‘Kate Spade’ lamp base was found on the Clearance table of a local Homesense Store, marked 12.00. It needed a harp, so I bought a harp attachment at a local hardware store for 4.99. The shade was salvaged from a cupboard. The mix of pattern may not work for some. It works for me. The Lesson: If the price is right, don’t be afraid to adapt or ‘fix’ a piece. Especially if the object of desire isn’t a final sale.

Everything ‘Sage’

Sage Burners beautify.

Favourite Scent: Spa Spirit

Fabric Finds
Hobby Lobby
Recover a chair seat.
Fabric States
Stitched to Baseball Style Tees

... knows how Dorothy can get home the whole time

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