“Keep space for roses. Covet all that is beautiful, worn, bespoke.”

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“Make me a cosseted pet.

Your Mink moment from the Sally Ann.”

~ Annie


excerpt from a scene

Ardua Pier

“Lady’s name was Marsha. Seven years ago, I sat in an over- heated kitchen that smelled of Meyer lemon and left- over Chinese take-out.” Rummy coughed. “Marsha. Wonder what happened to her?” “Ask around town. Put one of your boys on it. If she’s anywhere in North America, they’ll find her.” He shook his head […]

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Club Noir, drafts, excerpt from a scene

“Listen, Kid- some free advice. Let Ella go. This is messy. You stand to lose everything.” Rummy pulled a lighter from his jacket pocket, a beautiful piece of equipment fashioned in Art Deco style. As the wheel hit stone, a flame lit darkness. I held my breath. Butane. Rummy’s eyes narrowed. He focused on the […]

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drafts, excerpt from a scene

Parisian Blue

Parisian Blue sweeps across blank canvas. Jacqueline takes three steps back. Graceful, her head tilts right, then left. It is noon. She is wearing her housecoat. Her legs are tanned, feet bare. She wears a watch, fastened tightly to a tiny wrist, an adornment she will ignore. Time holds little meaning. There are breakfast dishes […]

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ancestry, brave, excerpt from a scene, good bye, heart, love

Grey. I was grey. Grey as the stones washed upon the shore, heavy with the history of us. Little stones washed over my feet like scattered pieces of an unspoken truth. As the sea sang in a whispered hush, I flung one stone. Then another. Stone by stone I cast you off. Except for one. […]

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