Timeworn Elegance and annie sloan chalkpaint

Annie Sloan Interiors, Cowley Road, Oxford
Annie Sloan Interiors, Cowley Road, Oxford (Photo credit: Kake Pugh)
ASCP: Provence
ASCP: Provence (Photo credit: lizcommotion)

Black Painted Buffet hutch- first coat White Hutch


There is a quiet time-worn elegance to “old” pieces of furniture.  An example of this simple elegance is, the buffet. Years ago, my mother purchased this piece ( a “set”) from a local furniture shop.  It is French Canadian style and solid oak, constructed to survive generations of family. It almost went “west.”

I remember my mother’s excitement when the buffet arrived. Sunday suppers around the table; always the buffet commanded the room. I inherited the buffet.  Years ago, the table and chairs were sent to a consignment store and I have no idea what happened to them.

Many times, I have considered banishing the buffet. Awkward, it stands prominently in my dining room.  A silent observer, the buffet confidently reminds me that I am remiss.  Aside from Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, the buffet sees few family dinners.  I envisioned a newer buffet, modern lines, a lower profile.  The buffet dared me to act.

So I did. The top of the unit was pulled off.

 I chalkpainted  the buffet, “Pure White”- annie sloan chalkpaint. The belt sander exposed the grain. Inspired, I embraced the clumsy shape and gently clear waxed the wood grain to a smooth patina.

Glittery knobs (anthropologie) sparkle on the doors.

I took a second look. There is simple glamour about the piece, a chic shabbiness.

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This is how I love to spend a sunny Sunday and this is why I love painting with annie sloan chalk paint!

add grey chevron stripes for a modern, glam look
add grey chevron stripes for a modern, glam look

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