charm, words


“Tell me, What do you want?” Shall I give you eyes to see? Gentle moments that follow one another like pearls slipping off string. The essence of crushed rose after dusty rain Dusty oils Honey served on a silver spoon? Only rubbed back essentials, darling Only your patina soul. ~Anna

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enchanted, excerpt from a scene, heart, words, writing

It takes patience to procure the perfect cup of coffee beginning with the French beans to the water’s roll. Next, is the slow pour over and finally, the decisive press. Take pleasure in the art. It’ s a ritual allowing time to be. Rain hits the pavement. Leaves dance in the wind. Somewhere, in the […]

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life, say it, words

Life Lessons

After rainfall, comes sunshine. Tears dry. Smiles are free. Fall down, get up. Hugs help. Coffee with a friend is therapy. Dogs are loyal. Books carry you to other worlds. Roses lend elegance to any space. Money makes you more of who you already are. ‘Hope floats.’

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“Make me a cosseted pet.

Your mink moment from the Sally Ann.”

~ Annie


garden, heart, words

The roses in my garden have toppled Birds seek shelter within the deepest branches of the forest Songless Everything beautiful bows to sudden summer rain

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enchanted, say it, words

I imagine you in your other world Watching over me. A star falling from an inky sky. An acorn found in spring. The question I can’t answer. The forgotten song I sing.

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He bought her birds and not just any type: Quail, wicker, and one from Spain.

I placed them on top a dresser in her room.

She cried.