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It was two years from the date that his second daughter was born. Christened, Madeline Jane, she’d shuddered, chest heaving through her gown, as the priest muttered blessings and sprinkled holy water upon the crown of her smooth, pinkish head. Earlier this morning, the small family had celebrated her second birthday with a simple cake. […]

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A Sacred Moment

Morning shivers breaking dawn. A sliver of sunlight slips through the open window.  The first sparrow’s chirrup, ‘Wake up, Wake up. Wake up.’ From somewhere down the street, a child’s laughter scatters like jacks tossed upon cement. A siren screams in the distance. The flowers are silent.   Heaven is on earth. ~ Annie

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I believe in miracles The unseen hand of divine agency, manifesting hope of extraordinary wonder   This is why I believe I’ll find you again Against all odds Standing outside a doorway or inside a crowded coffee shop   You’ll smile and say, ‘What took so long?’   And that will be it. I will be […]

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