Charm me, darling

Perchance I forget


“Behind every song is an untold story,” he said.

With a gentle nudge

He whispered, “Come dance.”


The notes began from silence

And in the still, I fell

Drunk on him


Time signatures filled the room

Apollo cradled Calliope

As the music played on


Lyrics overtook me

Words slipped like honey from my tongue

I spoke

Of never-ending summers

Starry nights, we chased till dawn

Of sea shells and ocean waves

A siren’s lilting song

Candle lit moments

Before time left me wondering,

Is there any poetry left?


He pulled me closer

As the music played on


Music painted on silence

Gave wings to my soul

Strong magic

Lifted me from the ashes


He kissed my broken

Poured the poetry back in

As the music played on


~ Apollo and Calliope







A Secret

~ a quiet space

I’ll share a secret

There is magic in fairy tales

Cinderella, Merida, Belle and their sisters were not perfect in the beginning

They had to wander dark forests

Perfection does not make a story

It’s only a happy ending when you turn the last page.

~ Once Upon A Time

Moments Matter



“Linger. Spent peonies remind us that spring is timeless. Old souls know this.”

~ Moments Matter ~ Grace Writes

~Design Book- Shabby Chic Interiors~ Rachel Ashwell