Spring will come. We will smile.

Wash off the day. Stand in a shower or soak in a bath. Tell yourself,

You’ll be fine. You are fine. I am fine.

This is what we do. We get up, march forth. We settle differences and solve problems. We stand our ground. We do all with grace and conviction. And when we fail ourselves or others, we pause to forgive. We right the wrong.

Strong roots do not need convincing.

Fill My Heart With Song

Mahogany Cabinet redux~ annie sloan chalk paint
Mahogany Cabinet redux~
annie sloan chalk paint

Pink blossoms arrived through my inbox this morning. My sister has an eye for beauty and photographed these images. I poured another cup of black coffee and swooned over the screen. Gorgeous.

Sunshine and Cherry Blossoms; heaven on earth.


Cherry Blossom 3JPG Cherry Blossom Cherryblossom Tree 2



Gratitude. Years ago a thoughtful neighbour brought me a clump of peony roots, dug from her colourful garden, divided for another.  On a walk, I pause to admire the show of beauty blooming so splendidly in her garden.  My eyes covet the peonies, the genus Paeonia, buds wrapped tight, stalks gently holding the shy, unfurling blooms.  Some garnet, pink, and as if this isn’t enough beauty to behold, two weeks later, the white flowers show, shining through the dark night.

On the cusp of autumn, she placed three small bundles at the doorstep. They patiently wait, still, wrapped in brown paper, tied with twine, for me to discover.   Cradling the bundles, I take them to my garden, gently hand them to the earth.  Planting the woody clumps into the soil, I wonder at the magic these simple bundles of wood and roots would conjure.  Seasons changed, the little woody clumps slept snug underneath an earthen blanket.

The following spring the roots anchor, stalks push through the soil’s surface, evolving into small bushes covered with compound, deeply lobed leaves. Three garnet peonies bloom on one of the bushes. Two weeks later, the second bloom opens to reveal the purest white petals. Years later, these small clumps have mothered five beautiful bushes.

Gorgeousness. Some believe peony compounds have the power to heal.  Inhale their fragrance, touch the soft petals with a finger tip, breathe in as your heartbeat slows under this intoxicating spell.  I wonder at such beauty.  

Spring’s First Kiss


Sign of Spring!
Sign of Spring!

Spring’s First Kiss



     It is a glorious morning!  Tip toeing to the window I behold the splendor that awaits discovery outside the walls of this house.  Looking up towards the heavens, I behold a sky, awash in shades of blue grey.  A thin, long, after thought of a cloud stretched from here to there, as if with arms outstretched, much like a child’s posture of delight when the first flakes fall.  Today is a joyous announcement, a celebration of nature designed by the heavens above for the earth below.

“Winter is over! Welcome spring’s first kiss!”

For spring is shyly peeking from behind the corner of this winter world.  The vernal

Equinox when the plane of Earth’s equator passes the center of the Sun,


this gravitational pull, turning and tilting earth’s equator into place, almost ready to face the sun’s light.

We wait patiently for the sunbeam’s rays to warm us and gently whisper, “grow” to the curled up seedlings and the tender sprouts that sleep beneath a blanketed soil.  These coaxing whispers from the season urge all new beginnings to show off their emerging beauty to a forgetful world.

The twittering birds alight upon the feeder to discover a feast of seeds and suet.  Their joyful choir, the sing-song notes sent dancing forth through my open window.  The simple melodies urge us to follow the joyous lyrics.

It is a time for all life to bravely step forth into this wondrous world.   Behold the beauty that enchants us captured by spring’s first kiss.