You are a dose of agelessness

A place where time stands still

My second star to the right

A slice of Neverland

And when doubt tore my wings

Leaving me stranded on the edge of imagination

You reached back and said, “Roadtrip.”


~ Letters Tied With Ribbon

enchanted, heart, poetry, tell me a story, tiny moments, tiny stories

3 a.m.

There is beauty to her darkness A night-time thing Lit up Beneath a moon strewn garden Of tangled roses and thyme A Cashmere Queen Stone still, she reigns Her once beating heart, silenced   There was another time Of windswept words that splashed like water To cool the burn that seared my skin   I […]

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December, heart, hope, love, memoir, poetry

A Softened Moment

in a softened moment under a veil of grey snowflakes tumble tipping my world each flake, a scattered memory a reach across time you, always choosing december to withdraw and return, to withhold and offer up the spoils and riches of a life yet within this silent moment envisioning you near choosing to believe in everlasting […]

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