Moments Matter



“Linger. Spent peonies remind us that spring is timeless. Old souls know this.”

~ Moments Matter ~ Grace Writes

~Design Book- Shabby Chic Interiors~ Rachel Ashwell




I disagreed.


The legends and the myths

Whispered tales of romance and honour

Apparitions in the mystic

Saw Apollo hand the flower to Paeon

While Asclepius, in a flash of rage threatened murder

It’s said that Zeus saved the mortal Paeon, turned him into an exquisite flower

That mischievous nymphs hid in petals

Of Moon Goddess magic which charmed Peony

Who in turn, reflected moonbeams into darkness


And you said, “Darlin. Don’t believe in inexplicable things.”



Gorgeous Good Morning
Gorgeous Good Morning

“Roses as big as cabbages.” ~ Marco Polo


Of the family~ Paeoniaceae

The floral symbol of China

Holds tradition

The 12th. wedding anniversary flower

Can live for 100 years

The first peonies to bloom in my garden.



in the beauty of pink roses and scarlet peonies. Picked from my garden for you.

Pink Roses and Scarlet Peonies
Pink Roses and Scarlet Peonies

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