One Wish


Wherever you are now

I hope it’s on an ocean

Beneath a sky full of stars


We spent our nights

wishing upon stars

we made it anyhow



~ the sea reminds me of you

Ode to the Sea

And this is why I love the ocean

The moment when toes touch the edge, between sand and sea

A sear of fire, the blade of ice

Like a shiver to a fever

That begs me: dream

Ushered under by waves

To a time long ago

sleepy lullabies sing

of a love so strong

Tattooed to a forearm

Like a lock to a key

in timeless storybook fashion

Where we drown or swim

and what a comfort that is



A Softened Moment

flocked in snow
flocked in snow

in a softened moment

under a veil of grey

snowflakes tumble

tipping my world

each flake, a scattered memory

a reach across time

you, always choosing december

to withdraw and return, to withhold and offer up

the spoils and riches of a life

yet within this silent moment

envisioning you near

choosing to believe

in everlasting love


my footsteps circle, pause

eyes cast toward the heavens

palms lifted to receive

your gift


between worlds we stand


to never-ending love






Simple Spaces

Sunshine, simple moments, coffee. What more could one wish for?

Sunday sharing of simple spaces.

A fresh coat of Benjamin Moore, Winter White in the entrance way. This is my new go to white. Marshmallow with a soft mouse grey undertone. Just envision a snowy day. The random leaning of a word print and the snip of an errant branch from a rambling shrub rose, grace the refreshed space.


The simple life. Sunday, sunshine, and dahlias. Freshly picked and left at the backdoor. A  gesture of friendship.


Simple Sundays.


Bronte Quote

“He’s more myself then I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~ Emily Bronte

I covet gorgeous quote signs. They are trendy and command top dollar in some of the home boutiques throughout the city. This morning I attempted to recreate one on a smaller scale. I admit, the bigger, the better to show off in a room.

My first attempt went well until I stood the sign upright and noticed a definite slant to the lettering. It was back to the paint brush and several applications of chalk paint to cover the uphill words.

The plywood was painted with Annie Sloan “Pure White” Chalk Paint. The lettering was photo copied and placed on top of a sheet of carbon paper.I penciled over the letters and hand painted them with a slate shade. My regret is that they should have been larger.

A layer of Annie Sloan clear wax was applied and buffed.

My suggestion~ play with the font size. Enlarge it depending on the size of the plywood.

I wish I had. Still, it’s a precious quote and fits in with my style of decor.

~ created by a family member
~ created by a family member



A View


from my window. I haven’t returned to England although my family roots are planted deep beneath the English countryside. This invisible tie to the old world always stirs within my soul. Ancestors beckon my return and point me in a purposeful direction.

This gorgeous English shrub rose is an heirloom variety named after the famous influential English garden designer, artist and writer, Gertrude Jeckyll.

That’s how I found Gertrude Jeckyll. It was on a rainy day whim. While browsing a local garden shop, “she” caught my eye. There was an old world look about her. Informal, shabby chic, with a slightly disheveled arrangement that I am drawn to.

That chance meeting was five years ago. I would discover her story.

This lovely rose never fails to delight. Crushable blooms capture one’s sense of smell and the fluffy heads are packed with pink petals. Truly, Gertrude Jeckyll is the prettiest rose in bloom.  When snipped and placed into old silver sugar bowls or pitchers, “she” elevates any surface or occasion.


An interesting note- Gertrude Jeckyll’s brother was rumored to be friends with author, Robert Louis Stevenson. The surname, Jeckyll, may have been borrowed for the title of the famous novella, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.

This weekend, find some bliss filled moments to “stop and smell the roses.”