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You hold an artist’s touch. I am canvas. Your hand brushes my shoulder. Kisses dance. Fingers lace. You. Everywhere and nowhere. ~lost

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Stone By Stone

Grey. I was grey. Grey as the stones washed upon the shore, heavy with the history of us. Little stones washed over my feet like scattered pieces of an unspoken truth. As the sea sang in a whispered hush, I flung one stone. Then another. Stone by stone I cast you off. Except for one. […]

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love, say it

“I loved him. It was simple. I placed my heart in his hands and like a gentle thief, he stole it.” ~ Annie

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Did you know? The use of an x signifies a kiss. This symbol dates back to medieval times. A letter would be kissed to mean honesty and sincerity. One of my fondest memories is a book, Dick Whittington and His Cat. My father handed it to me. Inside the jacket was his signature. Next to […]

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