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Sit in silence. Listen as a leaf rustles to the ground. Hear the Goldfinch trill from the sycamore. Feel as a branch snaps deep within the heart of the forest. Breathe in rhythm with the tides. Again and again and again. This is how you heal. ~Little Miracles

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brave, compassion, heart, hope, life, love, words


If you were a book, I’d slip upon the page and write you a hymn: To Love The text, an alchemy of lost, of found Shed tears and tangled blooms.   I’ll write you a boulevard cradled by oak Swept up in a crescendo storm In an empty room, beneath an altar of glass, Captive, we’ll […]

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enchanted, good bye, grief, heart, hope, light, love

  Stars quiver in darkness Shy of love’s light The heavens are silent when an angel takes flight   Hush a bye darling You’re not alone Safe in his arms He’ll carry you home.    

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