When they question your worth

Take a breath.
A sisterhood of women stand with you.


You’re a Queen.

The daughter of painters and writers

Worn mothers, posh aunts

Star crossed lovers

Saints and sinners


Warriors with roses

Rebels, all.


Stitched by the hand of a missionary’s grace

Her tapestry forged with iron and lace

Fragile yet strong

Our thread never breaks.


When they ask, ‘Who do you think you are?


Raise your head and smile.


~warriors and roses

Breaking Dawn

Sunlight breaks through an open window

Sneaks across the floor

From the near distance, trills a lonesome melody

The Magnolia, a holy stage


A  solitary bird performs a serenade,

Close your eyes

Sweet darling, dream awhile


You’re a fool to cry


Let my notes carry you

High above the treetops

Far from troubled lands …


And time suspends flight

Beneath a birdsong spell

Balanced on the blade of darkness

As he brushes morning’s light with a kiss





~’ Hymns of Redemptive Love’





I dream you

in the dark. This is where our love is found. In a place, as far away as moonlight, is where you touch my skin.


Your hand slips into mine.


I can’t let go. You are the one who lifted me up; the one who left me on my knees.


Do you think if I begged the night hard enough

she’d give you back to me?


~ As Far Away As Moonlight