beauty, excerpt from a scene, heart and soul, hope


Birdsong breaks silence, an ode to Hope. Blossoms adorn the gnarled branches of a Cherry tree: sugar pink, fleeting. Lily of the Valley breaks humble ground, pure and white, crushed by careless footsteps and coveted by tiny hands, a bespoke bouquet. Beauty so tender, her heart aches.

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ancestry, heart and soul, love, strong women, worth

Darling,   When they question your worth Take a breath. A sisterhood of women stand with you.   You’re a Queen. The daughter of painters and writers Worn mothers, posh aunts Star crossed lovers Saints and sinners   Warriors with roses Rebels, all.   Stitched by the hand of a missionary’s grace Her tapestry forged […]

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dreams, free verse, heart and soul, love

Come my darling, Hold fast to dreams and soar Freedom is your song; love is your worship With the eyes of heaven upon us We’ll write our initials in the sky ~birdsong

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free verse, heart and soul, light, love, lyrical prose, memoir

Breaking Dawn

Sunlight breaks through an open window Sneaks across the floor From the near distance, trills a lonesome melody The Magnolia, a holy stage   A  solitary bird performs a serenade, Close your eyes Sweet darling, dream awhile   You’re a fool to cry   Let my notes carry you High above the treetops Far from […]

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dreams, heart, heart and soul, love, lyrical prose, writing

I dream you in the dark. This is where our love is found. In a place, as far away as moonlight, is where you touch my skin.   Your hand slips into mine.   I can’t let go. You are the one who lifted me up; the one who left me on my knees.   […]

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