Sit with thoughts. Thoughts of gratitude for family and friends. Recall acts of kindness, selfless actions, impromptu messages, coffee dates and hugs. Surrender to memories. They are gifts. Heal, create, learn. Travel through the pages of a book. Be grateful for writers, artists, and musicians. They speak to our silence.

Dare to smile.

As vision softens, notice how light bends through glass at precisely seven o’clock. Take a walk. Pray to the fullness of joy, the cluster of daffodils, shy as bonnets bow to earth. Look up. See a child’s paper heart on a windowsill. The world is filled with tiny miracles.

Turn to thoughts of health care and front-line workers: honourable warriors united amidst a global pandemic. We see you. Hearts of gratitude, forever, sincerely, thank you.


You ask, “Who am I?”

You are,

The pieces of every woman who came before your time

Scraps of chintz, lovingly stitched together

Calico cloth from an Auntie’s tattered dress

Pearl buttons cut from a Grandmother’s worn sweater

Poetic whispers in the night

A prayer to the stars

Oil and water

Loss and Love

These women formed you whole


How do you honour their brave?

By making yourself small?

By silencing your voice?

No, darling


Find yourself

Each scrap, soft as velvet

Each stitch, strong as rooted willow

Be an everlasting reminder of who you were, who you are, and who you will become

Beautiful, brave, kind



~Brave women, Ancestors


A Leap of Faith

Just before midnight

step into the painting

not yet painted

sit in silence


hear the rustling of change

something is about to burst

like a bomb


Humanity : you can’t go back, can’t correct

Blow a kiss to the old

scatter sorrow to the winds

take a leap of faith

begin again


At the stroke of midnight’s magic

Pick up the brush

paint me your finest self

with each stroke

from the palette

a scene more beautiful


Hand the world a miracle