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Come my darling, Hold fast to dreams and soar Freedom is your song; love is your worship With the eyes of heaven upon us We’ll write our initials in the sky ~birdsong

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free verse, heart and soul, light, love, lyrical prose, memoir

Breaking Dawn

Sunlight breaks through an open window Sneaks across the floor From the near distance, trills a lonesome melody The Magnolia, a holy stage   A  solitary bird performs a serenade, Close your eyes Sweet darling, dream awhile   You’re a fool to cry   Let my notes carry you High above the treetops Far from […]

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doors, free verse, old doors, style, timeless, whimsey

A Secret

I’ll share a secret There is magic in fairy tales Cinderella, Merida, Belle and their sisters were not perfect in the beginning They had to wander dark forests Perfection does not make a story It’s only a happy ending when you turn the last page. ~ Once Upon A Time

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December, free verse


Sunday Beyond her window, the world rests Stone still Hushed As snowflakes tumble It’s quiet out there Her eyes look up For a moment Imagines herself a child again Hands raised Twirling, wondering beneath a halo of white While the world stands Stone still Hushed And it is achingly beautiful there.    

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beautiful words

i want to write beautiful words of moonbeams mingling with starlight inky skies awash in an infinite universe of glistening raindrops slipping a baby’s nuzzle of gentle hugs for fractured hearts only speak beguiling words of enduring promise for a collective world of empathy and oneness sing lilting cradlesongs of an endless lullaby   I […]

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