night canvas

Beneath a stolen moon

There’s a sky full of stars

In the whispers of quiet

I will wait for you.

Burn those bridges

Ride these hills

Skies on fire, rivers rise

My heart beats strong

I will wait for you.

Come find me, take my hand

Here, upon my knees

I will wait for you.

Beyond the dark

I’ll be your light

Breathe salvation back to me

I will wait for you.




Cut my heart

It bleeds stronger

Dripping rubies to cement


Play my heart

It beats dulcet harmonies

Infusing rust and gold


Wound my heart

I take a stand

Your silent storm no more


Didn’t you know?


My heart is fierce

Ancestral, brave and true

Inked by fire’s light: to blood





If you are lost, can’t find a way

Like a search light I shall find you

Pluck you from the stormy seas

And turn the tides to shore

If you get scared when their monsters’ play

Like a blanket  I shall cover you

And tuck you close, be your shield

It’s all just smoke and mirrors


So hush sweet angel

No more tears

I’ll stay right here, beside you

Through the brutal and the beautiful

I’ll love you for all time





~  storm lullabye

The universe is a painter. A hushed brush slips over  canvas. Indigo kisses grey. The sky rips open in a shower of scattered pearls. Land stills beneath Winter’s touch.

Snowflakes tumble, blanketing the lonely streets. Crystals shimmer and tease shadows. Moonlit ribbons drape the dark. From the forest’s edge, he steps. 

The silence is deafening.

And I stand enchanted by the wonder of it all. 


~ A lone wolf guards my heart