Do you remember what you said to me, that day, beneath the towering oak? This was long ago, before we knew what would become of us.

You told me that you were staying by my side. There was steel truth to your words.

And now you glance off as if afraid to see your reflection in my eyes. Yet you keep coming back to the one thing that could disarm you.


and I don’t remember much about us. Not the season that we met. I hope it was spring. I thought I was just another girl on your list. Did you keep a list? You were kind. I don’t recall our kisses in the dark. I do. I still see your face. Dark eyes narrowed as if mining for lies. This is truth. You made me smile. You met me in storms and sunshine. You held my hand and walked me home. In those moments I wasn’t alone. You convinced me I was pretty and when I needed you to stay, you left.

~ dialogue