“You will paint again.” I place the canvas on the easel that stands near the window where the light shines through. The brushes are grouped like soldiers on guard. I imagine their sense of urgency. Time is passing and they wait, forgotten lovers, yearning for paint to kiss. It is more than creative lust. They […]

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“I’ve held on to you for so long. Sometimes, I forget to breathe.”


dialogue, heart, love, mad men

You asked how it felt to love him. Let me try to explain. It was as if one hundred doves took flight. Exquisitely rare and magical.   ~Miss Ella Speaks

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compassion, dialogue, excerpt from a scene, fiction, strong women, writing

Paper Dolls Chapter 23 Draft 5 1965 Summertime. From somewhere down the street, the drone of a lawn mower’s engine was overheard. A dog barked and played an early morning game of fetch. Birdsong filled the air.   Behind the sturdy beams that wrapped the walls of the Jacksons’ tidy house on 13th Street, two […]

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