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As December blows near, you hear it whisper, “Go. Find the magic.” As the temperature drops, you find yourself choosing people and moments to warm spirit and heart. You wonder if magic truly does exist. It’s as simple as coffee with a friend, an impromptu gathering, or an hour spent wandering the holiday aisle. It’s […]

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  It snowed this weekend and the world became just a bit more enchanted. Layers of water and ice glistened over the street. Ribbons of snowflakes tumbled and bedecked the boughs beyond my window. Lights twinkled, evermore bright, as darkness dropped a veil atop the blanket of white. A hush settled upon the land. The […]

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December, free verse


Sunday Beyond her window, the world rests Stone still Hushed As snowflakes tumble It’s quiet out there Her eyes look up For a moment Imagines herself a child again Hands raised Twirling, wondering beneath a halo of white While the world stands Stone still Hushed And it is achingly beautiful there.    

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December, heart, hope, love, memoir, poetry

A Softened Moment

in a softened moment under a veil of grey snowflakes tumble tipping my world each flake, a scattered memory a reach across time you, always choosing december to withdraw and return, to withhold and offer up the spoils and riches of a life yet within this silent moment envisioning you near choosing to believe in everlasting […]

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