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She said, “I pity you. Your heart has turned to stone. Stone hearts must be guarded, polished, and held forever. Breathe. Exhale the battles, regrets, the unyielding memories. Trust again.”

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compassion, fiction, strong women

I could see she was weary, a shadow of her past. The light  that had once shone from her eyes, now dimmed. Words failed her. She had emptied out a million little broken pieces. It was sad. She had been hurt so much, she accepted it. Her voice, a mere whisper, spoke. “When will we understand? […]

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If only I could bring you back, start you over.   I’d tell you: ‘worth’ isn’t a tailored suit, a fancy car, or the next big deal.   It’s about the ones who sit with you in the dark, count stars, and hear you in your silence.   It’s about the ones who find you, […]

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Paper Dolls Chapter 23 Draft 5 1965 Summertime. From somewhere down the street, the drone of a lawn mower’s engine was overheard. A dog barked and played an early morning game of fetch. Birdsong filled the air.   Behind the sturdy beams that wrapped the walls of the Jacksons’ tidy house on 13th Street, two […]

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If you were a book, I’d slip upon the page and write you a hymn: To Love The text, an alchemy of lost, of found Shed tears and tangled blooms.   I’ll write you a boulevard cradled by oak Swept up in a crescendo storm In an empty room, beneath an altar of glass, Captive, we’ll […]

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beautiful words, compassion, fiction, strong women, writing

A View From A Window

dropping into another scene~   Roy’s arms reached for her and he whispered to no one. They existed in two worlds. A pane of glass separated him from his reality and Ella. A Sarah Vaughn song lulled his thoughts: ‘Lover Man.’ Meanwhile life went on. He knew this truth. The kids needed new shoes, Jacqueline […]

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