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I recall that morning. Everything was misty grey: the gravel road that kicked dust from the tires, the clouds above us, her sweatshirt adorned with the words, ‘Carmel- by-the-sea.’ We were so far north of Carmel. Desperate for a break, hoping to convince myself, fears are paper tigers come to play, I’d left the city […]

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“… and I watched as the old man, seated at the table, his fingers fumbling to untangle her caught pearls, saw me smile. He leaned in and whispered, ‘I’m not crying. It’s just water.’” ~This is Love

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Did you know? The use of an x signifies a kiss. This symbol dates back to medieval times. A letter would be kissed to mean honesty and sincerity. One of my fondest memories is a book, Dick Whittington and His Cat. My father handed it to me. Inside the jacket was his signature. Next to […]

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Photo Credit: unsplashed- Danielle Dobson   Dawn stirs With a trust so gentle Her skirt, a whispered rustle Her presence, like an old friend To edge me back to morning   New rain softens the window pane A drop fell on the Cherry tree Sent to kiss the earth And blur the memory of a […]

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Say it. Say you didn’t feel it. Then walk away because I can’t. How does one forget the only thing worth cherishing in this life? Some things- some things know nothing of endings. So say it or live the rest of your life in a lie. ~ excerpt from a scene

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