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Darling,   When they question your worth Take a breath. A sisterhood of women stand with you.   You’re a Queen. The daughter of painters and writers Worn mothers, posh aunts Star crossed lovers Saints and sinners   Warriors with roses Rebels, all.   Stitched by the hand of a missionary’s grace Her tapestry forged […]

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Pay attention, darling. Pause in the slightest movements of the universe, the subtle nuances, the unexplained happenings that you call, “lose threads.”  Like a ball of tangled yarn, these very moments twist and turn, specific to you, alone. Pay attention, darling. Stand brave and alone at the crossroad of life. Stay unflinching on the page. […]

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has taken the concept of hosting a simple “Garage Sale” to a whole new level. Imagine farm fields, their grassy carpets filled with hip vendors perched on chippy stools, smiling under sparkling white tents. Barns filled with stitched banners made from aged bark cloth, floral, and linen announce, Little Olde This or That. A vintage […]

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