aliceandmolly is a site that explores life through words and whimsy.  The site focuses on the beauty that surrounds us; the simple moments of life, the gorgeous, the shabby, the inspirational, and the aching bits.

Inspiration abounds, reminding us to find joy in the spaces we create, the friendships we cherish, the families we love, and the stories we share.  This site will offer “quiet” stories, some fact, much fiction. The “voice” of aliceandmolly is love and a whispered wish to create and live a beautiful life.

“Alice” was my Grandmother and “Molly,” her sister. Alice cherished a calico Manx named, Topsy and pansies that bloomed in early spring. Molly lived next door. Both women were stronger than they knew.

Grace E. McGarva is the pen name for the voice of aliceandmolly. She loves stories, grew up on the west coast reading books to herself and others. Stories bloom inside her head. Perhaps a memory, a photograph, a certain song, or a found object, will inspire her to write.

Grace writes and rewrites short stories, poetry, and blog posts. For the past several years she has written and researched for a novel. Her characters are complex, at times, flawed, always human.

The novel’s focus is on the power of our choices, the need for love and belonging and a wish to find a connection to something bigger than ourselves. It is about kindness, forgiveness, happiness and joy, weakness and strength. It is an acceptance that not all beginnings and endings are golden. We are the authors of our own stories and we can rewrite the endings.

A special thank you to the bloggers that follow aliceandmolly. Your words of wisdom and your comments inspire me. Hugs to my family and friends. Your love and support mean more than you know.

It wouldn’t do to forget my muses~ the weekly Writing Critique Group that keep me focused and writing. These talented wordsmiths are the reason my writing is beginning to find wings.

Tell your stories. Rewrite your endings. Live from your heart space.



18 thoughts on “About

    1. Don’t you just “want” those old chairs? I have a thing for chairs and actually have been known to pick them off of the discards/garage sale leftover piles! If I can upcycle a chair, I will! That chair is a left over from a Great Aunt’s set. I was about to send it to the Thrift shop, had a change of heart. Memories, family, sitting, waiting patiently by her stove for supper to be ready. Glad that I kept it~ it means more to me than the set I found at Ikea! Funny thing about these old chairs!

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. I have posted and have attempted to link back to you as a “thank you.” I will search for the “award” in my widgets (at least I hope that’s where I find it…let me know if I am missing something here). Thanks, again for your kindness.

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