The Manifesto

The Nest

Create beauty within the everyday.

“Van Morrison on vinyl,” black coffee from a press, fresh-cut peonies, words that matter

~ Grace E. Mcgarva

aliceandmolly is an online lifestyle journal, a found nest. Explore life’s beauty through words and whimsy. Discover simple moments from the gorgeous to the shabby. Find inspiration from a reloved lifestyle. It’s the tension that matters. The push and pull, the lost and found, the Finders and the Keepers. It’s a small space that shelters and celebrates beauty in the everyday.

And she knows this as truth. aliceandmolly hails from a long line of truth seekers, painters, lovers, sailors, carpenters and beating hearts. Grace E. Mcgarva is the pen name for the voice of aliceandmolly. Stories bloom inside her head. She grew up on the west coast reading books to herself and others.  Always a memory, a photograph, a certain song, or found object, will inspire her to write. She describes herself as “an elegant mess,” which is truth. She is the daughter of a tempest and a storm.

aliceandmolly are sisters. Loyal. Humble. They made do. Both found beauty in everyday treasures. A silver spoon and a can of Spam. Old lace and vinyl. Chintz and cracked china.

Alice cherished a calico Manx named Topsy and pansies that bloomed in early spring. She owned a French bulldog and shot south in a Silver Bullet. She clipped poems from the newspaper and glued words into a salvaged book which she filled with her musings and dreams. Molly lived in the little house next door. She read Hello Star and wrote the rules. Both women were stronger than they knew.

Grit and passion sailed their ship. Strong women, they did what needed doing to survive. Loved long ago, loved more today. When words of wisdom fail, they whisper back, “Be still.” Fearless women, they stood tall when trouble came ’round. Proud, they refused charity. They had each other’s backs. Stand with them.

Grace writes (and rewrites) short stories, poetry, and posts favourite finds. She believes that simple is best, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and that old souls find one another. One rule~ anything touched by her head, hands, or heart, polished and cherished.

A special thank you to the bloggers, writers and readers that follow aliceandmolly. Your words of wisdom, your comments inspire me to write bigger and better (smaller and tighter), to strap a dagger to my thigh. Hugs to my family and friends. Your love and support mean more than you know.

It wouldn’t do to forget my muses~ the weekly Writing Critique Group that keep me focused and writing. These talented wordsmiths are the reason my words are beginning to find wings.

Tell your stories. Rewrite your endings. Live from your heart space. Create a beautiful life.


“fall in love with an ordinary life”



18 thoughts on “The Manifesto

    1. Don’t you just “want” those old chairs? I have a thing for chairs and actually have been known to pick them off of the discards/garage sale leftover piles! If I can upcycle a chair, I will! That chair is a left over from a Great Aunt’s set. I was about to send it to the Thrift shop, had a change of heart. Memories, family, sitting, waiting patiently by her stove for supper to be ready. Glad that I kept it~ it means more to me than the set I found at Ikea! Funny thing about these old chairs!

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. I have posted and have attempted to link back to you as a “thank you.” I will search for the “award” in my widgets (at least I hope that’s where I find it…let me know if I am missing something here). Thanks, again for your kindness.

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