The Author


“It’s the allure of an ordinary life that captures attention.”

aliceandmolly are sisters. Brave girls. Someone commented, “Like a girl gang but not in a bad way.” 

Goal– to write fiction, moments and memories from life. Little moments inspire and shape the stories, told.  

Challenge–  to craft a decent story ~  to uphold a high standard of “truth” and beauty, balancing the writings with grace and compassion for the characters and events.

In Progress~  writing course/s @ university 2012/13 – attending sponsored workshops, Writer’s Events – member of two writer’s circles for education, mentoring support and critique review

Published a short story~ “The Lady’s Coat“- and was Freshly Pressed– WordPress.

      As an aspiring writer, it works like this: a story seed pops into my head, compels me to write.  Putting the “pen to paper,” in my case,  “fingers to keyboard,” allows me to share these stories with you, the reader. Most of the snippets and stories on the blog are little works in progress~ drafts, story seeds. Names and settings changed and fictionalized.

      I blog to practice writing and to share noteworthy finds. Along the way, I connected with others: talented writers, thinkers, friends, and artists.  I respect your work and talents and hold myself to a high standard of excellence.

Feedback via comments is appreciated.

     We are more alike than different and compassionate stories do more good than harm. I’ve come to understand, we’re all doing the best we can, in any given moment.

     This is what I know. Life experiences shape us: Joy, sorrow, disappointment, add layers of compassionate strength. Experiences to leave us, quieter, stronger.

     We must find a way to tell our stories with compassion and grace. Love wins.

     These stories are gifts. Unwrap them.


10 thoughts on “The Author”

  1. Here’s a quote for your site, “It is the allure of an ordinary life that captures attention.”
    You are a writer I love to read. How is memoir going?
    I suppose I will find out as I hop around your pink world:>)
    (My new great niece is Lily Grace…Grace has always been a fave name…trying to dig up a story I wrote years ago about an old woman, Grace, remembering her experiences with Fairies and other wondrous friends.)
    I do go on, don’t I?

    1. Grace and fairies? I would love to read that story! This “Grace” used to spend so many hours building houses, furniture, and traps to catch them in! LOL! Lily Grace could be a character in your story (that you must find). Thanks for the comment, Patt!
      PS~ I enjoy reading your blog as well!

  2. I’ve only just read this moments AFTER my response to your “Tea with Alice” blog post. You are definitely onto a universal and compelling theme. Best of luck, Alice S.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Your site is truly lovely and it fondly evokes beautiful memories.
      Your images are evocative, such a beautiful blog! Thank you for following me!

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