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I’m planning to post regular book reviews on this page.  The books are listed on the right sidebar under the header, Presently Reading~.  Stay connected for my review on the novel, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn– Betty Smith.

Already captured by the gentle heart and voice of  the main character, Francie!

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith is a must read. Although set in the past, the storyline runs true even today. It is the story of resilience, love, loss and the power of education to help one rise up in life.

Smith’s characters are brilliantly portrayed from the endearing Francie, the lovely and passionate Aunt Sissy, to “worthless “Johnny, Francie’s loving, addicted father.



The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells– Andrew Sean Greer

Never two-time your books, I say. This time I broke my rule! The Impossible Lives of Great Wells- Andrew Sean Greer, had me spell-bound, captivated from the opening sentence,

“The impossible happens once to each of us.”

Traveling through time, the main character, Greta Wells, experiences three realities, each with its own rewards and losses. Which life time will she choose to stay in; should she settle, follow her heart, or alter a life?

Andrew Sean Greer has an evocative writing voice; his words are poetic on the page. This story will make you consider the possibility of other realities and realms of existence. It is a magical journey to the end.

To read more reviews on this book, check out the link below~


A Complicated Kindness– Miriam Toews

I’m a huge fan of Canadian author, Miriam Toews. Ms Toews always delivers matters of the heart so authentically, with such wit and compassion. In the last chapter I wasn’t sure whether to cry or cheer for complicated, Nomi. Would she make it “out;” would she reconnect with her family, which story should she believe. “Loved” this novel!

Criminal Enterprise– Owen Laukkanen

Carter Tomlin is a fascinating, complicated character! I keep hoping he’ll “change,” keep sensing a bud of tenderness and compassion then WHAM! This is a riveting read. Stay tuned!

The Nightingale– Kristin Hannah

A fabulous read, beautiful writing.



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