Women are posting black and white photographs in support of their personal commitment to lift up other women. The highlight reminds us of the importance of self love, the beauty of sacrifice, our independent and collective strength and wisdom. When we are kind to ourselves: body, mind, and spirit, it shows as raw and real. It’s in the swing of a hip. It’s captured in the closed eyes of a mother cuddling a child. It’s viewed as a grandmother’s gentle touch and witnessed in a granddaughter’s confident smile. We aren’t perfect. We step in when another steps out.

When we lift another woman, we empower her. I’m blessed to know strong, beautiful, kind women. Some are mentors, others, teachers. Many volunteer. One leads a charity whose goal is to empower girls. There are writers among us. Others lead Book Clubs that encourage us to read, think, and connect to worlds beyond our own. All have faced adversity. We are sisters, mothers and friends. We talk fashion and home. We bake. We laugh and cry. We are a family. Take time to sit with the struggle and the bond that unites us. We are richer for it.

Women are tonic and salve. Honour their stories. Encourage and support their journeys.

Pay it forward. Choose kindness. Lift your sisters, higher.


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Anna G. Watson

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