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You asked how I knew. I told you. It’s simple. You are 35,000 feet above land, imagining all that could go wrong. Waiting for the drop. Yet, you feel safer than you have ever felt before. Safe enough, to rest on another. Safe enough to close your eyes, if only for awhile.

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I recall that morning. Everything was misty grey: the gravel road that kicked dust from the tires, the clouds above us, her sweatshirt adorned with the words, ‘Carmel- by-the-sea.’ We were so far north of Carmel. Desperate for a break, hoping to convince myself, fears are paper tigers come to play, I’d left the city […]

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Simple Goodness

If you had climbed the high fence that surrounded our back yard, and peeked over, you’d have noticed a garden. Tomato plants stood, tall and staked, ruby orbs shadowing the sunniest wall. Lazy bees slept in lavender bushes. A clump of chives grew in one corner of the plot. As children, we snipped the verdant […]

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The Lilacs are blooming. A favourite blossom, reminding me of lost time and dusty roads, elderly Aunties, climbing roses, and picnics on the lawn. Lilacs are lovely. Their stems hate to be indoors. You can expect about a week of bloom if you follow these suggestions. First thing in the morning, cut some long stems. […]

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About A Chair

There is a chair to sit in, a book to read, a page to write. There is a brush and a tin of paint, waiting to transform another chair. I’ve never met a chair I didn’t like, which suggests a form of chair dysfunction. From elegant: turned legs, clawed arms, carved backs to simple: sturdy […]

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Drop your sufferings, one by one Spent petals from late summer’s bloom. Watch, as the cloud of witness opens to reveal light. Let words shatter time and space. You matter. Our arms wrap you in the dark, rock you through the stormy sea. For you are ours, sweet darling Pull the arrow from your heart. […]

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