You won’t remember.

Snow fell in December, flakes as fragile as love. A poet wept. Time stood still.

The world was beautiful and I felt special, knowing I’m not.

Yes, beauty is deceptive. Winter turned to spring. I learned the language of loss and how much I miss a snowflake.

~ A

draft 3

Bring Light

“Better to light a candle than to curse the dark.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Light and Sage
Sage Meets Light

Bring Light. It’s a form of meditation, to strike a match and watch a flame. Soy candles are simple creations. Collect suitable containers from Thrift: silver sugar bowls, Mason jars, and vintage glass are beautiful choices. Choose your favourite natural, scented oils. Three cups of wax equals one large candle. 

Hint: Chopsticks hold and centre the wick in place. Set overnight. Trim the wick. 


Always use caution around a flame.

Hint: Sometimes, I push in lavender and the last of the rose buds, foraged from the garden.

Hint: Collect vintage or ‘word’ matchboxes to add with your gift of light.

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Unstaged Light