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You hold an artist’s touch. I am canvas. Your hand brushes my shoulder. Kisses dance. Fingers lace. You. Everywhere and nowhere. ~lost

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forgiveness, grief, hope, life, say it


Sit in silence. Listen as a leaf rustles to the ground. Hear the Goldfinch trill from the sycamore. Feel, as a branch snaps deep within the heart of the forest. Breathe in rhythm with the tides. Again and again and again. This is how you heal. ~Little Miracles

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life, say it, words

Life Lessons

After rainfall, comes sunshine. Tears dry. Smiles are free. Fall down, get up. Hugs help. Coffee with a friend is therapy. Dogs are loyal. Books carry you to other worlds. Roses lend elegance to any space. Money makes you more of who you already are. ‘Hope floats.’

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Darling, Follow heart beat’s path Whispered, loud Stumbling ’round the bend Near, yet, far Allow pleasure to scare you.

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