Club Noir, drafts, excerpt from a scene

“Listen, Kid- some free advice. Let Ella go. This is messy. You stand to lose everything.” Rummy pulled a lighter from his jacket pocket, a beautiful piece of equipment fashioned in Art Deco style. As the wheel hit stone, a flame lit darkness. I held my breath. Butane. Rummy’s eyes narrowed. He focused on the […]

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drafts, excerpt from a scene

Parisian Blue

Parisian Blue sweeps across blank canvas. Jacqueline takes three steps back. Graceful, her head tilts right, then left. It is noon. She is wearing her housecoat. Her legs are tanned, feet bare. She wears a watch, fastened tightly to a tiny wrist, an adornment she will ignore. Time holds little meaning. There are breakfast dishes […]

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