Salt and Sand

sea stones
“Lifted from a salted shore. Slipped into a pocket. Softening hearts.”
Stones courtesy of: @sticksandstones Early Childhood Learning
handprinted hearts, letters, and numerals

“Leave me a moment, a kiss at the altar of the sea.

Find me a stone to remember.”

~ salt and sand, dialogue

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Anna Watson

~ write like a painter

11 thoughts on “Salt and Sand”

  1. I can relate to that. I have a stone that my sister found on a local beach and gave me about 30 years ago. It’s unique and special and I think of her when I see it.

    1. Hi wordsfromanneli. What is it about stones? We are meant to touch them. Is it because we recall a time, while children, when we played in the sand or dirt? We are connected to the elements and perhaps this is how we find the thread that tethers us. I pick up stones, always tuck one in my suitcase. I’ve filled a jar. The stones in the photograph are painted by a talented friend who uses them in her home and designs them for children to play and explore learning. Simple is brilliant.

      1. I’ve done that too – picked up pretty stones on the beach and taken them home – maybe to hang onto reminders of a nice time at the beach….

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Very real and I can feel the emotions. Very well written!

    1. Oh~ The Electric Contrarian (great ‘handle’)~ “Thanks.” I am humbled. I try. Hopefully I hit a few home runs. Thank you. I look forward to reading your blog, too.

      1. You’re welcome! You can call me John if you really want to… and I hope you enjoy the blog!

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