Hands on is always good. Pinterest is full of cook- less Play Dough recipes. Elevate everything. I added lemon essential oil and sea salt to this batch. You’ll imagine you’re in a lemon grove (beside an ocean) even if you’re not. Enchant ‘The Littles’.

NoteToSelf: Always cover your counter space with parchment paper to protect the surface.

Play Dough
For The Littles in Life

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Anna G. Watson

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  1. I missed out on playdough when I was young. Guess I’d better not start now or someone will put me in “the home” before my time. It looks like fun though, and I like the idea of lemon and sea salt.

  2. Well, you might eat the first loaf right away but after a while you learn to pace yourself. I love baking bread and can’t imagine eating that store bought stuff with its margarine and the chemical smells of “stay-fresh-longer” juice…. Shudders!

    1. wordsfromanneli, I need to bake bread. Unfortunately I buy my bread. I have found some awesome bakeries that toss in seeds, and fruits. Hopefully, this healthy addition counts for ‘something’!

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