“And I wish I had known him when he was younger

Before he had exchanged his smile for a mask

I would have begged for a ride on his motorcycle

The one he left in pieces on the dirt floor of a wooden shed.”

Anna G. Watson

~ educator, aspiring writer, simple design and style

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    1. I read a quote, words to suggest that if we start at the ‘end’ and work our way back to the ‘beginning,’ we gain understanding. I believe this is truth. The journey is long and winding. Some of us are willing to go the distance for understanding and forgiveness. For love.

      1. Yes, basically, after we’ve made all our mistakes we then know what we should have been doing. And the only way we can do it right for the rest of our days is to learn from the past. Wouldn’t we all love to have our time back to do things better?

      2. We can’t get back time. We can process events, learn. If we ‘look back,’ in an attempt to understand decisions made, we gain understanding. Maybe forgiveness, perhaps empathy for the other. Some losses cut deep. Some make no sense. There’s always a silver lining. x

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