She is drowning in a tsunami of emotion.

His presence reminds her of something quiet and treacherous: the first snow fall. A system enters unannounced. The world softens. For a moment, everything seems extraordinary.

Hidden undercover is plain truth. Perhaps he isn’t what she imagines him to be. Behind his faraway eyes, she hears the whispers of hard scrabble stories not meant for her ears. The voices go low, suggest regret.  His pull is magnetic; his push, cold.

Together, they are on a collision course.


She had shared a mention of his troubles with her mother. He’d assured her that change was in the works. The upkeep of two homes was a nightmare.

“Of course, he’d say that,” her mother said, “To you.”

The words bit.


  • opening a chapter- draft (Pronouns used in place of ‘names’ for post.)
  • Narrator’s POV, character’s POV


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