It was over. The memory of tail lights lingered in his mind. She’s taunting me.

Roy lit a smoke and stared across the water.

Rain fell like tears and rolled over the pavement. The lonesome moan of a tug echoed in the distance. He felt his pulse pump like a bass line. As his forehead touched the rail, he closed his eyes in prayer.

How strange to bow down, he thought, a man who has only set foot in a church, once.

She’ll  return.

~ Everything and Nothing

Published by

Anna Watson

~ write like a painter

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    1. Oh- thank you, wordsfromanneli. Lately, I’ve been a bit ‘stuck’ with the writing process. I was handed a gift, the ability to crawl under the skin of another. Funny.

      I’m glad that you feel what I struggle to capture. Thank you for your support. x

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