Peonies. Flowers with character.

Urban Walls

This tiny bathroom needed a face lift. I applied Benjamin Moore: ‘Winter White’ in flat finish. A moody white with a grey undertone, this  soft hue evokes early morning mist rising off the ocean.

With barely room to turn, I painted.  In my mind I saw a low-budget, posh finish. I waited for Urban Wall’s sale of large florals in grey-white. The photo above shows half of a half order. If you sign up to the site, you receive a discount coupon.

‘Urban Walls’ offers customers many choices of product from floral decals to graphic designs,  wall quotes, Art Prints, and full wall coverings.

The vinyl application isn’t too difficult. Plan your pattern, work slowly, and tear the thin covering on an angle. Tip: Tear small sections. This helps to keep the fussy edges  of vinyl from lifting off of the wall.  ‘You Tube’ videos on the site offer “How To’ decor ideas and tips.

The vinyl pulls off the wall with ease. Urban Walls recommends that one use a hair dryer set to ‘warm’ to make removal easy peasy.

This is a simple upgrade to a tiny room, perfect for people who rent. Sweet in a child’s bedroom.

This Queen just stepped into a jewel box.



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  1. In a house where we lived many years ago, the street light made a silhouette on the wall of the raspberry plants outside the window. I always wanted to take a black brush and outline it on the wall. It would have been fun to do and the look would have been very unique. All these years have gone by and I still wish I’d had the nerve to go for it.

    1. Beautiful, evocative writing wordsfromanneli. Your lovely visual made me recall a memory from childhood. There was a cherry tree outside my bedroom window. The branches stretched from yard to glass. By moonlight, a silhouette of branches screened one wall. I remember the contrast of dark and light. When the wind blew, the branches tap danced against the window pane. I thought it magical the way in which light shifted perspective. Beauty is found in the everyday and night. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Life is full of these beautiful moments, but often we get too busy with the mundane, so we push the glimpses of beauty into the dark corners of our mind. It’s blog posts like this that help us to bring those glimpses back for a second look so we can savour them properly (and perhaps store them again in a not so dark corner until next time).

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