Say it. Say you didn’t feel it. Then walk away because I can’t. How does one forget the only thing worth cherishing in this life? Some things- some things know nothing of endings. So say it or live the rest of your life in a lie.

~ excerpt from a scene


I opened the door

You slipped in

The cleanse of a flash summer storm

In an over sized sweater

Fresh laundry off the line

The cut grass smell in air

A memory of a street name I barely remember

And You: the boy I loved.


If only I could bring you back,

start you over.


I’d tell you: ‘worth’ isn’t a tailored suit, a fancy car, or the next big deal.


It’s about the ones who sit with you in the dark,

count stars, and hear you in your silence.


It’s about the ones who find you, dust you off, and blast the radio in your car.

~ Car Rides


night canvas

Beneath a stolen moon

There’s a sky full of stars

In the whispers of quiet

I will wait for you.

Burn those bridges

Ride these hills

Skies on fire, rivers rise

My heart beats strong

I will wait for you.

Come find me, take my hand

Here, upon my knees

I will wait for you.

Beyond the dark

I’ll be your light

Breathe salvation back to me

I will wait for you.



~ when drowsy, spent peonies fall to the table with a thud… air dry the pretties.