Breaking Dawn

Sunlight breaks through an open window

Sneaks across the floor

From the near distance, trills a lonesome melody

The Magnolia, a holy stage


A  solitary bird performs a serenade,

Close your eyes

Sweet darling, dream awhile


You’re a fool to cry


Let my notes carry you

High above the treetops

Far from troubled lands …


And time suspends flight

Beneath a birdsong spell

Balanced on the blade of darkness

As he brushes morning’s light with a kiss





~’ Hymns of Redemptive Love’





Published by

Anna Watson

~ write like a painter

3 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn”

    1. Aw- thank you, anneli. I ‘tried’ to delve deeper with this piece and allow the bird’s song to be lyrical. I failed. So- I kept the bird’s song – simple. Some days. Oh well, one can always re-write and re-write.

      1. Yes, some days the muse is with us and some days we work too hard and it just doesn’t come. But when it is right, we know it and that encourages us to keep writing.

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