if you are a breeze

then I am a tempest

if you are fire

then I am ice

a mountain, a valley

shape shifting through time

Athena in armor, Artemis and Stag


dream lyrics, heart, heart and soul, love, lyrical writing, poetic prose

If you are lost, can’t find a way Like a search light I shall find you Pluck you from the stormy seas And turn the tides to shore If you get scared when their monsters’ play Like a blanket  I shall cover you And tuck you close, be your shield It’s all just smoke and mirrors […]

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dream lyrics, lyrical writing

The universe is a painter. A hushed brush slips over  canvas. Indigo kisses grey. The sky rips open in a shower of scattered pearls. Land stills beneath Winter’s touch. Snowflakes tumble, blanketing the lonely streets. Crystals shimmer and tease shadows. Moonlit ribbons drape the dark. From the forest’s edge, he steps.  The silence is deafening. […]

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enchanted, gratitude, heart, kindness

and it is your kindness that draws me in. The mere thought that I deserve all that you give, all that you are, baffles. And you ask for nothing in return. Who does this anymore? ~ grateful

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brave, enchanted, grief, heart, humanity, love, strong women

The saddest moment is when you realize that the people you love, the ones you’d give anything for,  are the very same whose smiles mirrored sunbeams behind a curtain of darkness. The same who served you sweet tea, soured in deceit.   ~broken trust

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heart, life, love


“Listen,” she said. I am in love with you. To this day, you linger on the edges of my mind, clouding my lens. It’s that simple. You’re my first thought in the morning, my last dream at night. Any time, anywhere. It’s all you.”    

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heart beats

Darling, Never forget You were hardened from the sparks of your ancestors Polished by their grit and glory A diamond in the dirt And when others doubt your value Be still Place a hand over your soft heart And listen Let their voices drum a reminder.   “‘You are enough’, ‘you are enough’, ‘you are enough’.” […]

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