Artemis and Sailor

The sky was clear and the moon full.

He whispered, “Love is a powerful drug.”

Artemis blushed.
“Show me an ocean,” she murmured, “ I’ll summon a tide to save your stranded soul.”

His eyes narrowed.

“Show me the moon,” she said.
I’ll pick a star to light your path.”

In that moment he understood how it felt: addicted.

~ Artemis and Sailor

Published by

Anna Watson

~ write like a painter

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    1. Thank you, anneli. I am trying to stretch my writing, exercise my writing muscle. The novel is all consuming and these “little” shorties keep me tuned up (at least that is my hope).

      You are a loyal writing friend and I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful and kind support. You help me to grow as a writer.

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