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Pay attention, darling. Pause in the slightest movements of the universe, the subtle nuances, the unexplained happenings that you call, “lose threads.”  Like a ball of tangled yarn, these very moments twist and turn, specific to you, alone. Pay attention, darling. Stand brave and alone at the crossroad of life. Stay unflinching on the page. […]

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The value isn’t in the object. It is in the human story attached to it. The worn chair, the chipped saucer, a silver fork, her oil painting, a skeleton key, a one-eyed bear, a favourite find, a worn photograph. The memory is tactile, visual, and fraught with emotion. Love. This is the currency to value. […]

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beautiful heart, heart, hope, love, strong women

A Queen

Forget gold. Give her love Fleet and fierce Defend her heart Pull the daggers from her back Be a Storm Watcher Give her shelter Brush the snowflakes from her tangled hair Speak words that matter Honest and true Have a heartbeat that quickens at a fingertip’s touch Give her love She is worth your time. […]

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