3 a.m.

There is beauty to her darkness

A night-time thing

Lit up

Beneath a moon strewn garden

Of tangled roses and thyme

A Cashmere Queen

Stone still, she reigns

Her once beating heart, silenced


There was another time

Of windswept words that splashed like water

To cool the burn that seared my skin


I glanced away and she was gone


Yet this is now

She stands, stone still

Words tattooed across a shoulder

“Auribus Teneo Lupum”

and everything I had ever lost, is found

tangled in roses and thyme.

~ The Boy Next Door; The Cashmere Queen



Published by

Anna Watson

~ write like a painter

2 thoughts on “3 a.m.”

  1. I love this Lynne, such a beautiful arrangement of words and images – the ‘beauty to her darkness’, the ‘moon strewn garden’ and the longing in those last two lines.

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