Spin. Surrounded by a multitude of angel’s wings. Each feathered beat, a gentle two-step. Hugged by the softest touch.  A dance between beauty and mystery, ….

~ "Earth" as photographed from the Hubble Space Station
~ “Earth” as photographed from the Hubble Space Station


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Anna Watson

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5 thoughts on “Spin”

    1. Thank you for your compliment, anneli. I am focusing on my written “message,” attempting to make each word count, to “drill down.” These few lines will work in a longer story (I think and hope.). My hope is that my writing is “tighter.”

      This image, shot from the Hubble Telescope, is breath taking. When I saw it, I attempted to find words to describe the beauty of this place we call home.

      You are a steady sail, my friend. Thank you for joining me on my written journey through life.

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