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“He’s more myself then I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~ Emily Bronte

I covet gorgeous quote signs. They are trendy and command top dollar in some of the home boutiques throughout the city. This morning I attempted to recreate one on a smaller scale. I admit, the bigger, the better to show off in a room.

My first attempt went well until I stood the sign upright and noticed a definite slant to the lettering. It was back to the paint brush and several applications of chalk paint to cover the uphill words.

The plywood was painted with Annie Sloan “Pure White” Chalk Paint. The lettering was photo copied and placed on top of a sheet of carbon paper.I penciled over the letters and hand painted them with a slate shade. My regret is that they should have been larger.

A layer of Annie Sloan clear wax was applied and buffed.

My suggestion~ play with the font size. Enlarge it depending on the size of the plywood.

I wish I had. Still, it’s a precious quote and fits in with my style of decor.

~ created by a family member
~ created by a family member



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